Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lieberman: Bring it On

The man who gave us Joementum is ready to take on the unknown who won a third of the vote against him over the weekend.

Some interesting stuff in here. I was not aware that Ned LaMont had in excess of $90 million. That's more than enough to fund his entire campaign, without a single donation. So Lieberman has got to respect his resources. Also, Lieberman seems not to have figured out how to talk about the undercurrent against him. He says that delegates were sending him a message, but he can't articulate it. He says that they must respect his principles. Well, sure. But knowing that someone is sticking to his principle doesn't say anything about whether you'll vote for him.

Also, Lieberman mentions someone named Paul Krugman. I know there was a NYTimes columnist that lots of people used to read, back before the Times did us the service of withholding his dreck from most readers. Does anyone know if this is the same guy?

Lastly, people who have been watching this race have heard several times that there is a Quinnipiac poll showing Lieberman with a 65-19 percent lead over LaMont. That poll is here. A quick glance shows that the 65-19 lead means almost nothing, since it's among registered Democratic voters - not likely primary voters. There's no way to tell how those primary voters will view Lieberman.

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