Sunday, August 20, 2006

Modern Psychology Tips Its Hand

Haven't you always suspected this was the real objective?

Lieberman a Real Democrat?

I missed this piece from Novak earlier this week, but it's a useful reminder that Joe Lieberman may sound reasonable, and may be perceived as conservative - but that's not what his record shows.

Lieberman has to win GOP votes to get re-elected, but that probably won't lead to changes in policy or tone. After all, he's very popular among Republicans as he is.

But notwithstanding that I just saw Lieberman tell Bob Schieffer that he will remain a Democrat if re-elected, I don't believe him. I still cannot believe that he can go back to being a Democrat if he does what it takes to win this race as an Independent. What kind of stuff am I talking about? Garnering donations from Republicans, and hiring Republican pollsters.

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