Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Snakes on a Plane!

I believe I'm about the only blogger who has failed to comment on 'Snakes on a Plane,' the upcoming Samuel Jackson movie. A google search yields almost 9 million hits for the phrase. If you read blogs with any regularity, you've undoubtedly seen comments on it. The plot sounds completely silly: a mafia figure releases hundreds of snakes on the plane carrying a witness to testify against him. Samuel Jackson is the FBI agent assigned to protect the witness.

The high camp factor made this a huge hit on the internet, long before the movie finished filming. As such, the moviemakers incorporated into it some of the material suggested (often jokingly) by bloggers. The result: a movie with a built-in core of enthusiastic fans. It may be a new model of moviemaking - one where fans 'buy in' to a film during production by contributing to the end product. But is it a recipe for success? Daniel Drezner explains why it isn't.

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