Thursday, August 31, 2006

The U.N. Hits the Snooze Bar

Iran has officially rejected the Security Council's deadline to stop its nuclear enrichment. This is basically akin to Hitler remilitarising the Rheinland--the question of future military consequence is answered by the very developments which caused one to consider the question at all. Iran pursues enrichment because they plan to develop a nuclear weapon as soon as possible.

But we shouldn't worry, we're told, because Iran is certainly 5 years away from a bomb. The chilling frisson this fails to dispel is due to the fact that these are the same intelligence agencies who concluded that North Korea was at least--wait for it--FIVE YEARS away from launching a ballistic missile in 1998, shortly before North Korea proceeded with complete insouciance to launch their first Taepo-Dong 1 over the Sea of Japan.

Iranwatch has a good backgrounder pointing out the manifold failures of western intelligence and the clear objectives of the Iranian regime.


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