Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Further Evidence That Musharraf Is Losing His Grip

Coupled with the recent separate peace Pakistan signed with the Taliban, and the rumours of coups generated by a blackout during Musharraf's book tour to New York, the data points are beginning to shape a line pointing to a future with Pakistan under new management:

Governing Pakistan is a difficult job: Musharraf

Musharraf's proposal that the Taliban in Afghanistan are really motivated by the plight of the Palestinians borders on the comical in its complete immersion in a preference for anti-Zionism as a substitute for actual engagement with difficult reality. Musharraf also proposes that India's nuclear programme is somehow the product of that naughty national treasure, A.Q. Khan.

It's also salient, in light of the coup in Thailand, to remember that the international community thought allowing Musharraf to overthrow the democratic government of Pakistan was the least bad solution at the time, as well.

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