Friday, September 15, 2006

U.S. Navy Exonerates Islam

Someone at Armed Forces Information Services decided there was some positive purpose served by printing the inanities of the Navy's 2nd Muslim chaplain about the relationship between Islam and bin Laden for publication:

"People shouldn’t associate the worship of Islam with the so-called religious theology espoused by terrorists like Osama bin Laden, Saifulislam said. “Terrorism has no religion, and no religion condones terrorism,” he said. “These terrorists just happen to be Muslims.”

Why was this article written? Because the Navy believes that bin Laden "just happen[s] to be Muslim? Because the Navy wants some part of its audience to believe it believes this--if so which part: the sailors and marines who actually read its releases, or the anonymous Muslim who will thus be reassured that whatever he believes about jihad is just fine and dandy with the Navy if he chooses to join?

As incoherent as Saifulislam's line of reasoning on this issue is, at least he has one which seems to be more than we can say for the U.S. Navy.

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MikeD said...

Also, where does he get his numbers? 8-10M Muslims in the US? Doubt it. The CIA World fact Book says 1% of the US is Muslim. A recent study by CUNY comes up with very similar numbers.