Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Plane Crashes into Belaire Building in NYC

According to CNN, this was a twin-engine, fixed-wing aircraft. (BTW, looks like there are some units available, and it seems like it must have a great view of the East River).

It sounds like an accident and there is no indication that this is a terrorist incident. Nevertheless, it is reported that fighter aircraft are being scrambled over a number of US cities, to offer protection just in case.

Wizbang is doing a good job of keeping updated on the incident. Or follow it on New York's WABC television.

Not to jump to the political angle, but between Foley, North Korea, and events like this, you can see why the election this year is so volatile. If (God forbid) this were an act of terrorism, it would likely have some effect on how people view the election.

Update: It's been widely reported that Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was killed in this accident. According to his bio on the Yankees website, Lidle is married with a six-year old son. Condolences to his wife and son obviously; our prayers are with them.

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