Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Democrats Have a Chance Save Us Money

Andy Roth at Club for Growth reports on fiscal heroes Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn, who may force the Senate to fund the federal government through a 'Continuing Resolution,' at least through January.

He notes that if the Congressional Democrats extend it for the rest of the year, it would save taxpayers $17 billion. This is a very attractive option for Democrats, for several reasons:

  • It will be hard to complete the Appropriations bills and stay within the President's requested spending levels - that's why the GOP hasn't done it so far;
  • They will be under serious pressure to curb spending - by their GOP opposition and by 'Pay-Go' rules;
  • They will have their plates full of other work in January, without spending a month or more negotiating on the outstanding 2007 bills; and,
  • They will have to say 'no' to so many requests for new spending; it may be simpler to adopt a CR that allows none at all.

So there's a real chance that DeMint and Coburn will save $17 billion.

Hat Tip: Tim Chapman, the Blogfather

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