Friday, February 16, 2007

On the Iraq Resolutions

I note that the folks over at the Corner are wondering what will happen to the House and Senate resolutions on Iraq, if they are sent to his desk.

The House resolution at least, is in the form of a concurrent resolution. Such measures do nothing more than express 'the sense of the House.' They are not sent to the President.

The Senate has given its resolution a proper number. It is S. 470. It's basically nothing more than a 'sense of the Senate,' but it does change one reporting requirement - so it's 'real' legislation.

However, I've heard no indication that the House intends to change course, and adopt the Senate legislation - instead of sticking to the wholly meaningless path they're on now.

Update: As I think about it further, I can't imagine that Congressional Democrats will choose to send anything to the President's desk. If they do, he will veto it, and the ineffectual nature of this exercise will be demonstrated again. The Democratic leadership doesn't want to add emphasis to their impotence.

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