Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Will GOP opposition to fiscal reform lead to a new second party?

Greenpeace is building an ark
on Mount Ararat. What?

A former Nebraska Congressman considers a primary challenge to Senator Hagel -- if he decides to run for re-election.

Hoyer brings in a highly-paid lobbyist who made headlines for too-friendly loans to Members of Congress, to run his shop.

Michael Turk looks at the RedState/Calvert imbroglio, and argues that the Lefty blogosphere is ahead of the conservative blogosphere and is misusing its influence.

MSNBC uses a spoof site to try to embarrass the White House.

Michelle looks at a grisly crime the major media won't touch. The details are horrific.

Chavez is increasing his nation's dependence on the US.

Congressman Ryan on the Democratic budget.

The Senate defeats an amendment to assess the impact on climate change of pork-barrel projects. Guess we have to keep our priorities straight.

US forces closing in on AQ in the triangle.

Stossel notes that 'all governments find a use for as much money as they can raise.' Good line.

How can the Democrats be facing 'a tough Iraq vote?'

Ron Paul: the Republican Kucinich.

ABC releases the first clip of the 'Cavemen' series. It doesn't look good.

A surprising abortion poll.

The New Horizons probe flies by Jupiter and captures a video of a volcano erupting on Io. It's worth looking at.

The GOP candidates talk abortion, and Giuliani dodges a bullet:

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