Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Democrats Trying to End the War

Glenn pulls together a bunch of threads and thoughts about the latest effort by the Democrats to end the Iraq war. But the fact is, they had their chance. They sent the President legislation which included a date certain for withdrawal from Iraq. He vetoed it. While the Democratic netroots, and folks like John Edwards called for Congress to send him the same bill again, they elected not to do so. They caved, and presented the President with legislation to allow him to continue to prosecute the war.

This obviously, was a decision with which I agree. However, if you elect to fund the war, you are partly responsible for it.

For better or for worse, the President has had the courage of his convictions -- at least with regard to Iraq. He and the Republican party have paid a stiff price for their steady support to date. They trust that history will prove them right, and make the pain worth the price.

The Democratic leadership had the opportunity to make the same bet. If they truly believed that it was wrong, they had it in their power to end it. But because they feared the political cost, they elected not to do so. While it's clear that they are the party that wants us out of Iraq more, they shouldn't try to pretend that they're willing to take political risks for it. They may pass a bill to cancel authorization for the war, or to require redeployment, or to do a host of other things. But once the President vetoes it, it's over.

The Democratic rhetoric about ending the war is for show. They had their chance, and they passed it up.

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