Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tim Johnson Makes His Comeback -- with Video

Senator Tim Johnson has returned to South Dakota, and reportedly has already decided to seek re-election. A local news outlet has video of his appearance.

He has made an extraordinary recovery, but his speech has not returned to 'normal.' In this statement, he pointedly says that doctors have told him to expect that it will.

If that's the case, his affliction should not adversely impact his re-election bid. Assuming that he's in full possession of his mental faculties -- as he appears to be -- then noticeable improvements in his speech over the course of his re-election campaign will likely make a positive impression on voters.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out -- whether Johnson is treated like any other candidate, or whether his December seizure will have a lasting impact -- of any kind.

See also Philo's post on this from the other day, since he has more insight into what's going on in South Dakota. California Yankee is worth a read as well, for a look at Johnson's potential GOP opposition.

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