Sunday, September 23, 2007

Canada Emulates America

Actually, this story makes Canada seem like some bizarro form of America -- and Bruce Allen sounds like their... I don't know -- Michael Savage, or something:

In one of his regular commentaries on radio station CKNW, Mr. Allen charged last week that Canada is being pilloried by "special-interest groups" who want special rules for themselves.

He mentioned "turban-wearing Mounties," those who complain about having to wear motorcycle helmets over their turbans, and the controversy over whether veiled women should be allowed to vote.

"If you choose to come to a place like Canada, then shut up and fit in," Mr. Allen declared, adding that demands from special-interest groups are easy to solve.

"There is the door. If you don't like the rules, hit it. We don't need you here. You have another place to go. It's called home. See ya."

Mr. Allen's comments evoked a storm of outrage within the Indo-Canadian community. Punjabi radio hot-line shows have been deluged by angry callers demanding some kind of action be taken against Mr. Allen. At least one complaint has been lodged with the CRTC.

I thought that Tim Horton's, Les Habitants, and Celine Dion were a recipe for domestic tranquility. Guess the bloom is off the rose.

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