Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Today's Anti-War Movement

If a Congressman refuses to meet with your anti-war group, you mock him for being a coward or a chickenhawk.

If he does meet with you, show up suddenly and vandalize his office:

Shortly before the problems began, three constituents were in the office talking to Smith employees about various issues, but it was also around the time that a group of uninvited anti-war protesters barged into the office and disrupted the work of employees in the office.

The Trentonian found two videos of that meeting posted on YouTube that show the group inside the office...

The videos are entertaining, if you want to see a babbling bunch of modern-day merry pranksters ranting incoherently at a foreign woman wearing a Smith mask.

But what is going on in the background of the video footage may interest investigators because it shows the movements of the anti-war protestors inside the office.

“It’s very suspicious that the computer systems were working without a glitch before the 23 or so people showed up, only to be totally inoperable after they left,” Noonan said.

Smith had previously met with the anti-war protesters in 90 minutes to discuss their differences on the war in Iraq.

“It was a frank and open discussion with Chris and the group,” Noonan said.

There are undoubtedly some honorable opponents to the Iraq war, but they are not much on display. Leaders in Washington say that the war is lost, or isn't worth another drop of American blood, but then refuse to follow through on their convictions. Soldiers and sailors are slandered and mocked in journals like the New Republic. Congressmen who leave Iraq convinced that things are better are seen as traitorous weaklings, and are told to ignore new facts in favor of preconceived conclusions. And now 'anti-war protesters' childishly vandalize the office of a Congressman who was good enough to meet with them.

The next time you hear a complaint about the coarsening of political discourse in this country, remember this story.

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