Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Will Congress Force Itself to Tackle Entitlements

Read it at the Standard.


Anonymous said...

How is it that the 110th Congress can force the 11th to do this? I agree something needs to be done (perhaps a little leadership would help), but this is window dressing and doesn't solve anything.

The Editor at IP said...

I don't see why this would be any different from TPA (Fast Track). I see no reason it could not be constructed to require a vote.

I think that if it were to founder, it would be on the issue of whether there would be a willingness to come together on recommendations.

But if this bill passes in this session, I would think it would be an indication that the political will already exists. After all, if the panel is going to be composed of 14 Members of Congress from both parties, to be named in the next few months, you know who those people will be -- Rangel and members of Ways and Means, Dingell and members of Energy & Commerce, etc.

Leadership will ask those Members if they favor this approach before they schedule the bill for consideration. If they say yes, I imagine it will only be because they intend to participate in good faith. If they say no, the bill will go nowhere.

Then you're at least in a situation where there's likely to be a recommendation, and there will be a vote. It doesn't guarantee a presidential signature, but that's a separate question.