Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bringing People Together to Dump on W

The latest missive from the Obama camp:

"You vs. George W. Bush‏
From: Barack Obama (
Sent: Thu 5/29/08 10:05 AM
To: philo-juniua

Right now you have a unique opportunity to go head-to-head with George W. Bush.

This week, John McCain and George Bush gathered behind closed doors, away from the cameras, to raise money for McCain's campaign.

McCain used Bush to raise a reported $3.5 million from a group of about 500 Republican contributors.

That's a lot of money that will undoubtedly be used to attack us and make the case to continue George Bush's failed policies.

But I have an idea about how we can match it. And we don't need George Bush."

Imagine if he were indeed to run as a partisan...

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