Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Sorry blogging has been non-existent the last few days; I was overcoming technical difficulties.

But why not kick off the day with a salute to what the media - always desparate for a story - seems to be calling the date of the end of the world - 6/6/06.

Now I'm no biblical expert, but isn't 6-6-6 the 'Mark of the Beast,' the number of the Antichrist? I think there would have been even MORE news coverage if it were named in Revelation as the date of the end of the world. I mean if I was told that, I would have run up my credit card bill.

Anyway, to set you up for the end of the world, here is a site where you can get 10-1 odds that the world ends today. If you put some money down and the world ends, you'll really clean up.

And here's something to put you in an 'end of the world' mood. Safe for work.

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cwack1 said...

10-1 odds? That's kinda weak. If I'm dying today, I want odds that will REALLY pay off - say, 666-1.

Anonymous said...

Like you'd bet any money!?!