Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Barry Bonds Gets the Record*

Bonds hit number 756 last night, replacing Hank Aaron as the all-time home run king.

Meanwhile, in another act designed to send a clear message about how he views this record, Commissioner Selig passed up the game in favor of meeting with former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, who is heading up the investigation into steroids in baseball. He also specifically referenced the steroid issue in his message of congratulations to Bonds:

The baseball commissioner and some of his top aides are scheduled to meet with the chief steroids investigator later this week, a person with knowledge of the session said Tuesday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't allowed to discuss the meeting.

Mitchell said in May that his probe was in its "final phases," but he has not publicly stated a timetable for issuing his report...

"I congratulate Barry Bonds for establishing a new, career home run record. Barry's achievement is noteworthy and remarkable," Selig said in a statement, released after he spoke to Bonds by telephone. "While the issues which have swirled around this record will continue to work themselves toward resolution, today is a day for congratulations on a truly remarkable achievement."

Hank Aaron also relented and recorded a message of congratulations to Bonds. You can watch it here:

I did not watch the game, but heard a sports commentator this morning suggesting that Mike Bascik of the Nationals was 'grooving fastballs' to increase Bonds' chance of hitting the record-breaking home run off him. Indeed, Bacsik doesn't seem too upset with how his name made it into the record book:

Mike Bacsik had been cool with the notion all week. He is a bit of a historian, a bit of a sports nut, so being part of one of the most momentous occasions in baseball history would be, in a way, just fine. He is, too, the son of a pitcher, and sons of pitchers know that home runs happen, and they must be shrugged off.

"You either have to be a really special player to be remembered in this game," Bacsik said late Tuesday night, "or be part of a special moment."

With that, two more pieces from ESPN. First, Jayson Stark's piece of unconventional wisdom, reminding people that Alex Rodriguez is far from a 'lock' to take the record from Bonds, and a repeat of the ESPN piece on how many home runs Bonds probably owes to his use of steroids.

Update: Check out Rob's and Dan Riehl's thoughts as well.

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Barry Bonds may have broken a record, but I made one, and, if he ever hears it, he's not going to like it:

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