Friday, August 24, 2007

Brian Baird: Dissenter, Patriot, Hero

Brian Baird is expressing his views on Iraq:

The invasion of Iraq may be one of the worst foreign-policy mistakes in the history of our nation. As tragic and costly as that mistake has been, a precipitous or premature withdrawal of our forces now has the potential to turn the initial errors into an even greater problem just as success looks possible.

As a Democrat who voted against the war from the outset and who has been frankly critical of the administration and the post-invasion strategy, I am convinced by the evidence that the situation has at long last begun to change substantially for the better. I believe Iraq could have a positive future. Our diplomatic and military leaders in Iraq, their current strategy, and most importantly, our troops and the Iraqi people themselves, deserve our continued support and more time to succeed.
Well we all know that 'dissent is the highest form of patriotism,' right? I know I've heard it about 63 trillion times. So by that standard Brian Baird -- dissenter -- ought to be the greatest hero that liberals know today, right?

As Jon Stewart would say... not so much:

Jane Hamsher:
I suppose every circus needs its freaks, and the well-choreographed “surge is working” sideshow has recruited Brian Baird to be the Democratic House member appointed to be Dick Cheney’s trained monkey.
Open Left:
Here's Washington state's Brian Baird talking about how great the surge is, how he'll no longer vote for timelines, and bashing Democrats, after spending a grand total of two days in Iraq. This is part of a campaign to split Democrats.
Baird appears to now support an open-ended commitment to spend as much blood and money as needed to assure "victory". It is clear that he is ready to accept the administration's claims of progress without even waiting for the September report...

If SW Washington state has any kossacks, anti-war activists, or just regular citizens who want the Iraq nightmare to end, your congresscritter needs to hear from you. Baird really needs a primary challenge.
Baird has drunk the GOP kool aide. He has abandoned the constituents of WA-03 and become so wrapped up in Inside the Beltway nonsense that he is no longer fit to represent the district. He's out spreading the gospel according to Cheney and encouraging the endless war proponents inside the Beltway, his only constituency.
It's amazing to read the complaints from liberals about Baird's changed position. They're angry that he spent so little time in Iraq -- but there's no criticism of liberals who come back from a whirlwind tour of Baghdad (eg, Jan Schakowsky), or who don't even go -- as long as they support withdrawal.

Some even complain that Baird should wait for the September report(!).

Do they even read what they write, or are they incapable or recognizing hypocrisy?

Where are the liberals saluting him for speaking truth to power? Where's the 'one man with conviction is a majority?' Where's the profile in courage?

Just another demonstration -- as if one was really needed -- that all the liberals want is for their representatives to mindlessly repeat the company line.

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Anonymous said...

The acid test is:

Do you have the courage of THEIR convictions?