Thursday, September 27, 2007

Newt's American Solutions Offers 'Real Change'

I received a chain E-mail from Newt today promoting his agenda for American Solutions. It says that solution number one is electing a President who's a former Speaker of the House from Georgia.

Just kidding.

Newt encourages me to watch the opening presentation here and lists examples of the 'real change' that America needs:

  1. Levees shouldn't break, and the Corps of Engineers should be changed until it is reliable.
  2. Bridges shouldn't fall, and our federal and state highway programs should be changed until we have reliable inspection and repair.
  3. Students should learn, and the bureaucrats and bureaucracies that dominate failing educational systems should be changed every day until the students are learning.
  4. The border should be protected for national security reasons, and it should be protected now.
  5. English should be the official language of government, and first-generation Americans should be offered intensive English education.
  6. Congress should control spending and spend within its budget, so we can get back to the balanced budgets we had when I left the speakership.
  7. The death tax should be abolished permanently.
  8. The capital gains tax should be abolished to increase the money in our retirement accounts and to help create jobs in America.
  9. An energy strategy should be implemented to meet national security, environmental and economic goals and to eliminate the danger of foreign dictators who are manipulating us through our energy needs.
  10. Americans should not be bogged down in long, indecisive campaigns: We need a strategy for defeating our enemies, defending our friends, winning the campaign in Iraq and bringing our troops home. (Watch my speech at the American Enterprise Institute on September 10 for how to do this.)

We ought to know soon (by September 30, to be precise) if Newt will run for President. I doubt it, but there's a lot of chatter...

Update: Rob just interviewed Newt and says 'I think he's going to run.' YouTube video over at Rob's place. (I note that Rob picks up on a point I made the other day. Good for me.)

Update II: More smoke over at Political Wire.

Update III: Matt Lewis interviews Newt as well, and he sounds like a candidate. However, there will be no announcement until October 21.

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