Saturday, January 12, 2008

McCain-Lieberman? Unlikely

Today Bob Novak writes on the abuse that Oprah Winfrey took for her endorsement of Barack Obama. That abuse might ultimately wind up costing Obama the presidency, since her absence from the New Hampshire campaign trail was followed by a stunning Hillary victory -- on the strength of the women's vote.

Novak also reports that Joe Lieberman won't be John McCain's running mate (assuming he gets the nomination):

Close advisers of Sen. John McCain say there is no possibility that Independent Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman would be McCain's vice presidential running mate on the Republican ticket.

McCain credits Lieberman's endorsement for president last month as triggering his turnaround in New Hampshire, leading to victory in that state's primary last Tuesday. In addition, McCain and Lieberman are friends who admire each other personally. Nevertheless, Lieberman still votes the straight Democratic line in the Senate on nearly all issues except Iraq, and McCain's advisers feel Lieberman never would be accepted by the Republican Party.

A footnote: When Lieberman endorsed McCain, Democratic friends called his office seeking reassurance that he was endorsing McCain only for the Republican nomination and not actually the office of president. No, they were told, this was a real presidential endorsement.

If McCain is the Republican nominee, where should he go for a vice presidential pick? He'll need to stay away from the Senate -- which means a governor. He'll have to go with a traditional conservative rather than a maverick, to ally fears that he will continue to flaunt his 'independence.'

Some possible names: Haley Barbour, Mark Sanford, Tim Pawlenty...

Here's another candidate worth thinking about... Sarah Palin.

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