Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Can Has Chairman Who Doesn't Think We're Nazis?

Philo-Junius doesn't have a lot to say about the moderate Republicans' disdain for Rush Limbaugh, except that one can't fight a runaway freight train of nationalisation and leftward social engineering with nothing, which is all we've seen from the moderates since the financial meltdown, but he does strongly feel that any party chairman who nods and agrees with a hostile interviewer who characterises one's party as "reactionary" and party events as "like Nazi Germany" is one who really doesn't need to come to work the next day.

If Michael Steele had an ounce of self-respect he would tender his resignation today, and let someone who doesn't think Republicans are Nazis have the job.

It's been asked if Steele might have been able to stir himself to some reaction if Hughley, say, had offered Steele a plate of Oreos during the interview; somehow I think Steele would have done something other than nodding and attempting to "relate."

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