Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nationalizing the Elections

There's a shift going on in how the parties are approaching the midterm congressional elections. Up until now, Democrats have been trying to nationalize the elections, while Republicans have been trying to localize them. The Democrats have been succeeding, as current polls show the GOP taking it on the chin; it seems that if elections were held today, the GOP would likely lose the House of Representatives. (I encountered a Democratic Member of Congress the other day discussing with lobbyists how she anticipated handling her subcommittee when she chairs it next year).

Well, now I think we're starting to see evidence that Republicans are accepting that the election has been nationalized, and that they're trying to frame the issues on which they are nationalized. I've noticed this first on immigration, where endangered Republican incumbents Charles Taylor and Thelma Drake (to name but two) are attacking their opponents for being soft on border control. I am sure that there are already others, and they will be many before the elections. I know of longtime GOP incumbents in both Ohio and Connecticut for example, who are shocked at the depth of feeling among constituents about immigration. This is true in lots of places around the country, and will lead many GOP incumbents to run ads on immigration. I would also not be shocked if the House GOP re-passes the Border Security bill in the last days before the election, to try to make it a central issue on election day: Democrats either hand the GOP a major victory, or stand in the way of border protection.

As I alluded to the other day, Republicans may try to tie Democratic congressional candidates to party leaders who oppose things like wiretaps, surveillance of terror financing, and the like. Now the Hotline notes that Tom Reynolds - the Republican campaign chief - is starting to do this:

Is NRCC Chair Tom Reynolds setting up what the fall nationalized (televised) GOP message is going to be with this attack on House Dem leader Nancy Pelosi: "As a New Yorker who witnessed first-hand the grievous destruction brought on this country by terrorists, I say to Leader Pelosi that she ought to be ashamed to have voted against doing everything possible to prevent such an attack. The wiretap provision of the PATRIOT Act has proven itself invaluable in fighting the Global War on Terror and Congresswoman Pelosi is on the record opposing it.

The GOP is likely to suffer serious losses in the elections. This may be an effective strategy for reducing them.

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Philo-Junius said...

The Stupid Party starts to wake up. We'll if it's too late or not.

jp said...

Senator McCain: Join the fight against Islamic Fascists and their Fraud on the American Media Consumer

I call upon Chairman McCain to compell testimony about the fraudulent pictures from Lebanon.

Recently, it has become obvious ( that many of the pictures and video depicting some of the civilian casualties in Lebanon have been either digitally manipulated, deliberately staged, or have been accompanied by misleading text. As the US public depends upon the media to deliver unbiased accounts of foreign politics and news, its is unacceptable that such manipulation should occur. Further, this is fraudulent; both to the individuals who purchase newspapers, magazines & television news programs; and to the companies which advertise accompanying such fraudulent product. Worst of all, this fraud is perpetuated on behalf of Hezbollah terrorists, who falsely claim Israeli brutality.

Senator McCain has long proclaimed his ardor for the fight against Islamic-Fascism, and the forces of terrorism including Hezbollah. He has also been a strong reformer of many industries in the past. He holds the Chairmanship of the Senate Commerce Committee. This means he has power to force testimony by the media.

As Senator McCain is uniquely positioned to both strengthen the fight against terrorism; and provide needed reform to those who defraud both our media and its consumers, I humbly call upon him to force the heads of the Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, and all major US newspapers which have printed the fraudlent pictures to testify about this fraud.

BEEBEE said...
Well, you can resort to photograph distortions to sugar coat the real news that in fact 900 people have been killed in Lebanon and 1/3 of them
are children. But if you have to point fingers at bad photographs are alleged bad photographers, you are just avoiding the tragedy of this senseless war. I am tired of finger pointing and I am tired of war being the answer for everything wrong in the Middle East. I have read the above link that is written by someone from Lebanon and you can get the real facts on that particular blog.

jp said...

notice no mention of the Israeli civilian casualties who were directly targeted by murderous terrorists. Very classy. Ignore the people who were attacked by terrorists, and then lament over the civilians who accidentally died.

MikeD said...

The responsibility for the deaths of those 900 Lebanese "civilians" can be laid at the feet of the Lebanese government and the UN, who for years have been happy to allow a terrorist organization to do as it pleases throughout the country.

Anonymous said...

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