Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why Does the Left Hate Gays?

As is often the case, I can't add much to the observations of Captain Ed. Except to ask a question: why are so many on the Left so obsessed with identity politics? It seems that white men are the only group in our culture permitted to have a variety of views. If you are black, or latino, or gay, or a woman, your political views must correspond neatly to your label.

Gays who oppose gay marriage, African-Americans who oppose racial preferences, women who oppose abortion, are all in one way or another traitors to their identity. If we required the same orthodoxy of white males, wouldn't the Kennedys be the ultimate traitors to the rich white male identity? Why am I - by virtue of the color of my skin - permitted to think for myself, but others are not?

Is this not the ultimate example of racism and sexism?

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