Monday, December 04, 2006

Brownback Officially Considers Throwing Hat in Ring

The senior Senator from Kansas reorganises his staff to cement his new role as standard-bearer of social conservatives in the U.S. Senate by campaigning for the Presidency.

It would be gratifying, after their recent AIDS-test-grip-and-grin, to see Brownback challenge Obama's incoherence on sexual morality--waxing pious about the need for "a moral and spiritual component to [AIDS] prevention" but not indicating any practical political support for any such components while going out of his way to endorse prophylactics and value-neutral prevention strategies in an explicitly Christian venue--in a televised debate, but such an eventuality is unlikely unless both were to wind up as their parties' respective undercard nominations--probably Obama's worst-case scenario, and Brownback's best-case scenario.

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