Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pearl Harbor Day

Michelle has a great compilation of memories and tributes.

The New York Times also has a pretty cool collection, including an audio slideshow covering some of the recovery and repair efforts on US warships after the attack. Make sure to check out some of the videos over at the History Channel as well.

I am loath to add commentary on a moment in history that has been plumbed so well by so many smarter than I, but I offer this little bit that caught my eye at least, and which others might have missed. On a different occasion, Cal Thomas quoted what he asserts to be the LA Times editorial of December 7, 1942. I don't know if the quote is accurate, but it is instructive for us today (with apologies for offensive terms of the time):

In future years when the last Jap has been driven from invaded territory and the last bit of Jap warmaking material has been destroyed or surrendered, Pearl Harbor Day may be otherwise commemorated and it may be it will be remembered less as a day when so many brave Americans were slain in an attack without warning than as a day when the nation was awakened to its peril and began to understand fully that the existence of a free people isolated in a slave world was impossible. It was then made clear to Americans that a static defense against aggressors could not possibly succeed and that it was necessary to meet them on a battleground, not of their, but of our choosing.

Thanks to all those who serve - those who risk their lives, and those who make the ultimate sacrifice for our safety.

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