Monday, January 29, 2007

Illiterate Lousiana Democrats Desperate Already

Representative Bobby Jindal has barely made official his interest in the Louisiana Governor's race, and the state Democratic party has already launched a racist attack. While national Democrats and the media are livid that someone has mentioned Barack Obama's middle name, Louisiana Democrats think it's OK to play games with Jindal:

Jindal Claims Divine Intervention Has Directed Him to Raise Money
But Not Commit to Governor’s Race

BATON ROUGE – Piyush (Bobby) Jindal has finally admitted to a partial divine revelation that he wants to be governor. This revelation has told him to seek out his most valued supporters, ask of them large amounts of money while he continues to pray for an answer to his most burning question – Should I be Governor?[sic]

Someone would have to been [sic] living under a rock not to notice that Jindal has been criss-crossing the state over the last several months during his “supposed” re-election campaign. Funny, I didn’t think the voters in DeRidder or Monroe could vote in the 1st District?[sic] Never the less [sic], Jindal kept at it as he so smugly rested on the assurances his re-election was in the bag.

And now, to his loyal voters who put him back in Washington, he’s telling them – Wait a Minute – I changed my mind – I want to be governor[sic]. For someone who is supposedly intelligent and claims not to play politics, Jindal’s actions are insulting and should be called to [sic] question.

“How dare he ridicule Gov. Blanco for raising funds for her re-election campaign,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Chris Whittington. “Gov. Blanco has never hid her intentions to run again and had enough respect for the people of this state to tell them so.”

Gov. Blanco took the reigns [sic] of this great state with a mission – improve the economy, health care and education standards for Louisiana. Hurricane’s [sic] Katrina and Rita threw a wrench into her timeline, but our governor is not one to give up and she has stated she will work hard to see those goals achieved.

Instead of Piyush praying for a decision to run for governor which everyone knows he’s made; [sic] he ought to pray for humility and maybe even a conscience.

This is rich. They attack Jindal for being South Asian, for being someone who prays, and for raising money for a campaign before officially declaring. They must know that Blanco is dead meat. And how serious are they about ethics? The only mention of 'cold hard cash' Bill Jefferson on the website is a congratulatory message on his re-election.

And a special message to Louisiana Democrats: rather than waste money on the Blanco campaign, why not help the Louisiana Democratic party hire a proofreader.

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