Friday, February 23, 2007

Too Early, Too Early...

Looking at this post over at the American Spectator, I wonder how much of what happens in the 'primary campaign' now is going to matter in 10 months.

Kathryn Lopez is addressing the question of whether Mitt Romney has suffered too many hits to continue. Ace is touting glowing Giuliani polls.

In 1992, Ross Perot declared his intention to seek the Presidency on February 20. Note that year; it wasn't in 1991 - the year before the election - but 1992. He 'quit' the race in July, and got back in in October.

In December 1987, Gary Hart re-entered the race for the Democratic nomination, only to quit the race again a few months later.

OK, so the world has changed since 1988 and 1992 - true enough. But one thing has not changed: a week is a long time in politics, and a month is forever. In today's accelerated news cycle, the 'Romney 3.0' that we see transform today before our eyes, may seem to have existed forever by next November.

My point is not that the activities and statements of the candidates are not important. My attention to them shows that I think they are. But for pete's sake, let's not act as if this race is clearly defined, or far along, let alone winding down.

Update: Mary Katharine Ham approaches the same issue from a tangent. She demonstrates that lots of people really aren't paying attention like you are:

Great soundtrack.

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