Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bush's Best Friends

...are the Democrat leaders in Congress.

Do you think it will help the Democrats get their way on Iraq that they are threatening to impeach the President because he disagrees with them? Who seems more extreme and more politically-driven: the President who refuses to leave Iraq until the war is won, or the Democrats who say the war will win them more seats in Congress, and who threaten to impeach the President because he won't compromise.

Bush's political dream would be that the Democrats impeach him over Iraq. The sad thing is that Hoyer and Pelosi aren't as stupid as Murtha.

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smitty1e said...

Bush's political dream
I'm thinking that it would be a fairly high-risk game, letting an impeachment go down.
Frankly, if not for the time/money waste, I'd like to see an impeachment, if only to clear the air. A full review of the evidence by suitably cleared investigators, I'm guessing, would give the executive branch a decent grade.
Unfortunately, the question is not a rational one; there are those who would claim that any trial that doesn't kick Bush out in shame was somehow rigged.