Friday, May 04, 2007

NJ State Troopers: Only Corzine Can Speed Recklessly

One presumes that the troopers engaging in this messaging were not being serious. I don't believe there are many in law enforcement who would support the idea that the Governor is above the law, while the rest of us are not:

Some state troopers, feeling they have been publicly ridiculed for the accident that almost killed Gov. Jon S. Corzine, appear to be plotting a ticket blitz against the public this month, followed by a slowdown in June, according to a chilling series of anonymous online postings.

And the state's top trooper says he won't tolerate it.

"Great idea," wrote a person posting under the name "soundsgood." "Absolutely hammer everyone (obviously except cops and family) who does 1 m.p.h. over the limit. . . . Let's really give them something to complain about."

"I am all for the May 1st blitz. . . . Better start pre-signing my summonses," wrote another poster going by the handle of "reckrids."

"Everyone has to take part in this," wrote "20alphabravo." "We are taking an absolute beating from the public and media, and the so-called "officers' are doing nothing about it to protect or support us in any way. . . . May 1st. Spread the word. It's go time."

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