Friday, April 20, 2007


Harry Reid says the war is lost. What more is there to say? If he really believes that the war is lost; if he really believes it's not worth one more drop of American blood, then how can he allow the Senate to fund the mission?

Mike Goldfarb notes
that while Lieberman gets it, Reid does not. Perhaps it's time to ask Lieberman again whether it's time to switch parties.

Michelle offers letters to Harry Reid.

Regarding Virginia Tech, Peggy Noonan offers a good piece on the coldness of our therapized society. The last bit:

The last testament Cho sent to NBC seemed more clear evidence of mental illness--posing with his pistols, big tough gangsta gonna take you out. What is it evidence of when NBC News, a great pillar of the mainstream media, runs the videos and pictures on the nightly news? Brian Williams introduced the Cho collection as "what can only be described as a multi-media manifesto." But it can be described in other ways. "The self-serving meanderings of a crazy, self-indulgent narcissist" is one. But if you called it that, you couldn't lead with it. You couldn't rationalize the decision.

Such pictures are inspiring to the unstable. The minute you saw them, you probably thought what I did: We'll be seeing more of that.

The most common-sensical thing I heard said came Thursday morning, in a hospital interview with a student who'd been shot and was recovering. Garrett Evans said of the man who'd shot him, "An evil spirit was going through that boy, I could feel it." It was one of the few things I heard the past few days that sounded completely true. Whatever else Cho was, he was also a walking infestation of evil. Too bad nobody stopped him. Too bad nobody moved.

A ridiculous response to the VA Tech shooting.

Canada is considering withdrawal from the Kyoto treaty on climate change.

Alec Baldwin demonstrates how not to be a good parent. I believe that comments like this are supposed to be saved for the Festivus airing of the grievances.

A minor slip by the Giuliani campaign.

The ghost yacht. No, it's not this one.

Lamar Alexander is making calls to New Hampshire on behalf of Fred Thompson.

Why Alberto Gonzales has little time left: the loss of GOP support.

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