Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dingell Plotting Rebellion on CAFE Standards?

The Politico catches whiff of a John Dingell's plotting with Republicans to torpedo the House leadership proposal on global warming:

Republicans believe that if Dingell were to sign onto their plan as a backup in case the Hill-Terry proposal fails to garner majority support, they could push through the GOP proposal, even over Pelosi's objections.

A Republican insider said that Dingell was "noncommittal" during the meeting with Barton, Hastert and Upton -- not saying "anything one way or the other" about his plans for a floor fight over auto mileage and whether he would support Republicans.

Dingell and Hastert enjoy warm personal ties, according to House insiders, and are in many ways closer than Pelosi and Dingell. Those two have fought a running battle that dates back years, and the CAFE clash is not going to do anything to slow it down.

If Dingell and the GOP team up, it might lead to a proposal that the White House would sign -- as opposed to a measure that would wind up as veto bait. It would also leave a bad taste in the mouth of Congressional Democrats as they head out for the August recess. To be dealt a loss on such an important policy matter, due to an inability to unite the House Democratic conference would be a blow to morale.

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