Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No Progress on Immigration Bill

Well, many are watching for signs of what Congress will do on immigration, and what sort of compromise might emerge between the widely divergent House and Senate bills. I am hearing that House Republicans - in the wake of Brian Bilbray's election in California - are standing more firmly than ever in opposition to anything that resembles an amnesty. That even includes the Pence proposal that I wrote about a little while ago. And Chairman Sensenbrenner has not begun to negotiate with the Senate yet, because they are still wedded to their bill - including a legalization. So don't expect any progress until one House - probably the Senate - budges.

Also, noticed by fairly few but holding great ramifications for the US - Mexico's Presidential election is nearly upon us. And the more pro-US of the two main candidates seems to be maintaining his lead. The President is likely to try to make sure that whatever happens on immigration, it does not damage Calderon's Presidential campaign. Right now, that probably argues against any immigration bill this month.

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Anonymous said...

THIS is what's going on in CAlifornia:


500 – Senator Dennis Hollingsworth (R-36th, Murietta (2002)), Budget Vice-Chair. Health care for all illegals making less than $60,000, based on a formula that considers eligibility at 300% of the Federal poverty level, at a cost of $500 million per year.

Giving them better health care than many CA. citizens... looks sure to pass, too.