Sunday, June 11, 2006

Reid: Investigate Pre-War Iran Intel


Harry Reid is concerned that just like on Iraq, the White House is cherry-picking the intel on Iran. He promises oversight and investigation.

Is this from the Nancy Pelosi school of leadership? Does he figure that the American people are concerned at the lack of partisanship in Washington, and that the one thing that will excite them is the promise of more investigations?

This is clearly part of a pattern: Democratic leaders promise their left-wing core some red meat, and then either backtrack or claim that their remarks were misinterpreted. I guarantee we will see the same from Reid. Nevertheless, this is one more piece for GOP campaign commercials this Fall, and it's going to wind up being a significant reason that the Democrats blow it this year.

How dumb can you get?

Reid tries to enlist bloggers as Democratic force
Senate Democratic leader also calling for stiffer intelligence oversight
The Associated Press
Updated: 2:12 a.m. ET June 11, 2006

LAS VEGAS - Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid made a pitch Saturday to enlist bloggers as a Democratic force in upcoming elections, and said he'll ask Congress for stiffer reporting requirements for the president and the intelligence community.

“I know fighters when I see them. You're fighters," Reid said as he began a warmly received keynote speech to the YearlyKos Convention of Internet bloggers at a Las Vegas Strip resort.

Reid, D-Nev., said he intends to introduce legislation in coming days to hold senior Bush administration officials accountable for statements on Iran -- similar to the Democratic fight to hold them accountable for their statements about the Iraq war.

"The White House cherry-picked and politicized intelligence to sell the war," Reid said. "All of us as Americans need to know if we were intentionally misled, I think we were, to go to war in Iraq, so we can make sure it never, never happens again."

...Many waved placards that were provided reading "Give 'Em Hell, Harry," and applauded Reid's declaration that "Iran cannot and will not be another Iraq."

"Because of you, no attack will go unanswered," Reid told the audience. "Because of you, no lie will avoid the truth."

Reid's proposed bill, called the Iran Intelligence Oversight Act, would require an updated national intelligence estimate on Iran, with an unclassified summary made public.

It also would require the president to report to Congress his objectives and strategies for Iran.

The administration's national intelligence director would have to show Congress that he has a process in place for reviewing administration officials' statements and ensuring they are consistent with the work of professional intelligence analysts.

"I have no doubt the White House won't like this requirement," Reid said, "but after Iraq, the American people deserve nothing less."

I'm sure Reid will say that this will not politicize intelligence, nor would it be the start of an investigation. But the intent is clear. And no doubt if Democrats were to retake the Senate, this would metastasize. It's not something that the American people will want.

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