Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's Hoyer

And apparently it was a one-sided vote.

So now we know which of Pelosi's nightmares she will live for the next two years. The first act of her new majority was give her a 'no-confidence' vote.

And it isn't really a divided caucus, either. The vote for Hoyer was 149-86. That's not really all that divided.

So what does this show? That House Democrats will defy Pelosi, that she is out-of-touch with the will of her caucus, and that Hoyer has a sizeable constituency of his own. By making this such a high-profile, high-stakes contest, Ms. Pelosi may have graduated Mr. Hoyer from second-in-command to legitimate rival - something that would not have happened if she had not tested her influence in this contest.

Congrats, Ms. Pelosi. How's that 'gamble' working for you?

Update: Miriam asks, 'what do you expect when you put the Speaker's gavel in the hands of America's children?'

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