Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paging Al Gore

You're wanted in New Hampshire:

I almost missed it with all the excitement about Ann Coulter vs. Elizabeth Edwards, but did you see the latest polls in New Hampshire regarding the upcoming Democratic presidential primary?

According to a just-released 7NEWS-Suffolk University poll of likely voters, should Mr. Gore jump into the presidential sweepstakes, he would top Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) 32 to 26 percent. Moreover, he would edge the remainder of the Democratic field.

Despite the coy tut-tuts to the contrary, I can’t help but shake the notion that Mr. Gore has not yet shut the door to running for the Democratic nomination. No question Gore would be the immediate darling of the left and could quite possibly leave the remaining Democrats in his dust as he sailed to his second nomination for president in a decade. Does he still have the fire in the belly? Calling Donna Brazile, anyone?

With Hillary's continuing lead over Obama and Edwards, liberals might soon really clamor for an alternative to Hillary and her high negatives. If Gore got in late and picked Obama for his Vice President...

Update: It's also covered over here at the Politico.

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