Monday, June 25, 2007

Terrible Joke Watch

Fausta offers these. I'll add two more:

Aging relief pitcher Mel Famey hadn't been used in months and started drinking heavily in the bullpen. When he was finally called upon -- with the bases loaded in a tied game -- he walked in the winning run. Walking off the field victorious, the opposing team saw the empties littering the bullpen and commented 'that's the beer that made Mel Famey walk us.'

A robot went to live among a race of tiny people called the Trids. The Trids dreaded the day -- once a year -- when the giant in the castle on the hill would come down and kick them and their homes all over the place. When the day came, the robot hid in fear. When the giant discovered him cowering, he reassured the robot saying, 'silly robot; kicks are for Trids!'


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