Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Karl Rove Hyperbole Watch

I've not commented on Karl Rove's departure, because I think the reaction is overblown. A lame-duck President approaching the end of his term sees his chief strategist depart the administration -- presumably to appear on someone's campaign in 6 months or so.

But this quote made me laugh:

Brazile and others respect his political skills but condemn how he used them in the White House. "He created the polarization we see in the country," Brazile said. "He used to say good policy creates good politics. Many of us translated that as good policy equals good Republican politics."

He created the polarization?

By implication, the impeachment of President Clinton has been rendered the product of some sort of bipartisan consensus. Newt Gingrich was a uniter, not a divider. Hillary was loved by all -- which should make her campaign that much simpler. Ted Kennedy, Jesse Helms, Lee Atwater, Ed Meese, Richard Nixon, Dan Quayle, Barbara Boxer, Jim Wright, Rush Limbaugh, Jane Fonda... all products of a happier era when people of both parties could come together and discuss the issues that affected us in spirit of comity and good nature.

And then came Karl Rove to spoil it all.

Now that he is gone, how long does it take before we return to the 'era of good feelings' that prevailed until her darkened our door?

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