Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nunn-Bloomberg in 2008?

An acquaintance (friend?) of Sam Nunn's -- the archetypal southern, conservative, pro-defense Democrat -- says that he 'thinks' that Sam Nunn has an interest in running on a ticket with Mike Bloomberg:

What about a Nunn-Bloomberg or a Bloomberg-Nunn ticket? Two solid, middle of the road, non-doctrinaire men looking to what is best for this country. Two men who will not be hamstrung by the partisanship created by the Republican’s right and the Democrat’s left.

I would like to see a Nunn-Bloomberg ticket. But, Mr. Bloomberg has the money, so possibly it would have to be a Bloomberg-Nunn one. Either way, put Sam Nunn in charge of all foreign policy, which he knows so well, and let Mayor Bloomberg run the country like he has so effectively run New York City.

As I put forth this subject of Nunn’s being interested in an independent candidacy involving the Presidency, can I say that he has confirmed interest? The answer is “no”. But, do I think he has interest? The answer is “yes”.

Is this fanciful speculation? A trial balloon? A signal to presidential candidates that Nunn is still around and could be valuable to the right ticket? Hard to say.

A Bloomberg/Nunn or Nunn/Bloomberg ticket could be interesting. If Rudy Giuliani is the GOP nominee, I suspect that it gives the Democrat -- or an Independent -- an opening in the South that would not otherwise exist. For a candidate like Bloomberg, a conservative Southern Democrat running mate might make some sense.

At the same time, who can be sure what Nunn brings to the table -- as one who last sought office when George Herbert Walker Bush was President. And of course, a Bloomberg run for President is pure fancy, at least at this point.

But you can't keep people interested in a Presidential race without silly rumors, right? (Plus, you don't have Tommy Thompson to kick around any more...)

Note: Looking around a little, it appears that DonkElephant came across some comments from Nunn to suggest that he just might be interested in running.

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