Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Harris in More Trouble in Florida

How can I keep writing headlines about the problems in the Harris campaign? I'm running out of... what's the opposite of 'superlatives?'

Anyway, her poll numbers continue to drop. (Hat tip: Political Wire).

So will Republicans seek to replace her as a candidate, if she manages to win the primary?

Update: By the way, if this rumor advances further, expect a reprise of the hypocritical Democratic attack that once a primary has taken place, Republicans should not change the nominee. While some (even me) might agree with that charge, it's not one that Democrats cared about when they had to replace Bob Torricelli on the ballot. The sole reason they had to replace him was that he was a sure loser - which would represent a perfect parallel to the Harris circumstance.

Remember too, that Republicans are trying to replace Tom DeLay on the ballot, and may try to replace Bob Ney as well. It could wind up being both messy and embarrassing to replace several candidates after the primaries have taken place.

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