Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lieberman to GOP Talk Grows

Political Wire has done a great job of providing the inside scoop on the Connecticut Senate race, and they continue to do so. Today's contribution is speculation regarding Bob Dole's possible role in getting Alan Schlesinger to give up the Republican nomination for the Senate, and his potential replacement by Joe Lieberman.

I have said all along I regarded it as extremely unlikely that Lieberman will wind up as the Republican nominee. I continue to do so. However, it's already been reported that Governor Rell has been working to make this happen, and others clearly are as well. Plus, it does make some sense.

Lieberman as a Republican would probably win, and having been elected as a Republican-Independent, it would be hard for him to support Harry Reid for leader. He would probably have to caucus with the GOP. So there are benefits to both sides. The only downside for Lieberman is that his credibility would take a serious hit. He has been repeating the phrase 'I am a Democrat; I have always been a Democrat; I intend to remain a Democrat' for months. To turn on a dime would not help his credibility.

I think at this point he is likely to run and win as an Independent.

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