Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Reuters Opines on Keira Knightley

I don't know that I disagree, but I would probably not have included my comment in the URL for the photo.

Update: A commenter ruins my fun by pointing out that I missed the obvious. The photo is associated with a story (linked below the picture) that says that Knightley is denying rumors of anorexia.

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FzxGkJssFrk said...

The reason the word "anorexia" appears in the URL is that the photo is connected with an article discussing allegations of anorexia. Click the news article link below the photo.

The Editor at IP said...

I stand corrected - thanks for the clarification.

Philo-Junius said...
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Philo-Junius said...

The story from Pirates of the Caribbean sets is that the cleavage shown in the various bodices into which she is poured is mostly the product of cunningly skillful make-up artists.