Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dick Tracy, Call Your Office

A wearable wristwatch television.

With one of those, I could finally see the game.

But how long must I wait until it's two-way?

Hat Tip: the Blogfather.

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Walter said...

I've been using Slingbox Mobile Player on my Cingular 8125. The Slingbox proper is hooked up to my Tivo.

Works pretty well on a WiFi connnection--almost useless over Edge (Cingular's 2.5G high-speed).

At the game on Sunday, I was able to tie into the convention center's free WiFi and "pause, rewind, and play live video in slow motion".

Unfortunately, the small (QVGA) screen size limited its utility somewhat. But it was neat for challenges, when the screens in the stadium go blank.

Still, it's a great party trick if you've got the Tivo and phone already.