Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Long Knives out for Harman

Not content with embarrassing themselves by even considering Alcee Hastings for the Chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee, Democrats are now letting the other shoe drop by taking Jane Harman to the woodshed for stating things that everyone agreed at the time.

TPMMuckraker has a nice round-up. Ironically, on the left column of that piece you can see highlighted a current LATimes article:

Elected as a war critic, he was part of prewar errors
Chris Carney, who worked at the Pentagon, still believes there was a relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

Wonder what the penalty is among Democrats for a rank-and-filer to believe the truth?

And not to beat a dead horse that is dreadfully close to coming entirely to pieces, but this calls into question Nancy Pelosi's leadership abilities. Or, perhaps it just confirms why her leadership ability is no longer an open question, but rather is generally regarded as somewhere around Mike Dukakis's.

To wit: if Ms. Pelosi continues to leave it an open question who will chair the Intelligence Committee, will it give bloggers and columnists good reason to scrutinize (and attack) all the contenders? You say Sanford Bishop ought to be chair? Sounds good - but let's look at what he's had to say about Iraq. Or let's look at the earmarks he's sponsored.

There are lots of people to attack, if Ms. Pelosi lets this play itself out long enough.

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Ikez said...

Of course there was a link.

Ask Gen. Mike DeLong. Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton. Bill Richardson. Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson.

I've worked on this story for almost 4 years and started putting chunks of my evidence up at www.regimeofterror.com, I invite you to take a look some time.

Nice blog and keep fighting the good fight on this argument.