Saturday, January 13, 2007

China's Problems

People often underestimate the problems that China faces in years to come. QandO catches a big one: 30 million more men than women 'of marriageable age' by 2020.

What will be the result of this - apart from a dramamtic drop in population, soon thereafter?

The other thing is, there's no 'solution' for this. You can't import 30 million women, and you can't just create them - now that they've already been killed. The only way to correct an imbalance like this is to get rid of 30 million men.

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Philo-Junius said...

It isn't necessary that these men be eliminated, only that they be taken off the marriage market.

I predict a resurgence of monasticism, either Christian or Buddhist, in China over the next generation.

Ironic that the sexually liberated societies will need to rely on monasticism to avoid the consequences of abortion as a tool of progressive population control.

97281 Storage said...

I agree, it might turned to abortion.