Friday, January 12, 2007

Open Letter to Fred Dalton Thompson

Glenn points to Stephen Bainbridge, who wants Fred Thompson to run for President. It's something I've suggested before. It's something Mary Katharine Ham has suggested before (although I can't find the post right now). I'm sure many others have suggested it independently.

So Senator Thompson, if you google your name (like the rest of us do), and you want come across this post, feel free to either announce, or dash the hopes of your nascent campaign in waiting. The E-mail address is at the left. (Plus, it would sure drive up my traffic).

And FWIW, a fellow I know who worked closely with Senator Thompson says that he is aware that there are many folks who would like to see him get in the race, and the chances are nil.

Oh well. Next thing you know someone will tell me there's no Santa Claus.

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1 comment:

Joe said...

Dude, we certainly need Thompson on Law and Order-he balances out that nut Waterson. Don't give him any ideas about leaving.