Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Baseless Speculation?

Nico at Think Progress is angry that Chris Matthews is 'obsessed' with the question of whether Bill Clinton's personal behavior will damage Hillary's campaign:

MSNBC host Chris Matthews is obsessed with Bill Clinton’s sex life. Over the last four weeks, Matthews has incessantly raised baseless speculation that President Clinton may have an extramarital affair or engage in inappropriate behavior that would impact Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

He has called Clinton’s sex life the “800-pound gorilla stalking behind” Hillary Clinton, and suggested it would sink her presidential campaign. Earlier this month, Matthews asked about Bill Clinton’s “personal behavior” 10 separate times in a single interview.

First off, let's stipulate that Chris Matthews is an irresponsible nut, who probably wears a tinfoil hat when he's not on the air. That said, to call this speculation baseless...

I mean, you're kidding right?

This is Bill Clinton, for heaven's sake. His personal behavior has been a problem for most of his political career, and rumors about inappropriate behavior on his part have continued since he left the White House. The Washington Post and the New York Times have both written - at times obliquely - about a personal relationship of his that attracted attention and raised concern. There are other rumors as well - some I am certain, that Chris Matthews has heard.

I attended a session where a very prominent Democratic political consultant put it this way: 'if Bill Clinton is seen anywhere with a woman that he's not related to, there will be questions.'

If I were a Hillary supporter, I would be angry about this. If you're Bill Clinton, you're probably pumped to see that someone at least, realizes that 'you've still got it.'

But either way, you better be prepared for it.

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