Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mexican Wives Want their Husbands Back

I post this note only because it's attracting a lot of attention on the conservative side of the blogosphere:

TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT - CLOSE THE BORDER SEND OUR MEN HOME TO US, EVEN IF YOU MUST DEPORT THEM (only treat them in a humane manner - please do not hurt them)

The work is in the United States that is why the men left.

Leaving millions of broken families in the villages now our men are running from the police, But now we have organized our village cottage industry around the traditional handcraft jewelry of our region of Mexico.

Our village of Tecalpulco was very successful in the 1980s when our parents were the creators of the abalone shell jewelry.

Ours is a beautiful place to live and since we have formed our womens artisans cooperative and begun to have some success our hope is that the Mexican men who have gone to the US return."

It seems to me that anti-illegal immigration conservatives who point to this as a reason to support deportation and/or tough border enforcement are being duplicitous. When Mexican women talk not about how much they miss their husbands and want them back, but instead how they depend on the remittances their spouses send home, no one cares.

You can make an argument that Mexico would be better off having its able-bodied men at home, but shed no crocodile tears, please.

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