Monday, February 26, 2007

Who Says it's OK to Kill Americans

A commenter at DailyKos has this to say about US troops in Iraq:

"...The issue of "supporting the troops" is a sensitive one - families who have sons or daughters serving in Iraq do not want to hear that attacks on them may be justified. That is completely understandable - the soldiers serving in Iraq are just kids, often from a deprived background, who trusted and were let down by their governments who sent them into an illegal and immoral war of choice. Indeed, the wish to shield the troops from further harm is a major factor in the movement to bring them home. But we must not let the Bush administration’s hijack of our strong, emotional desire to protect the troops convince us that an attack on Iran would be justified in order to defend them." (by heathlander at Kos)

Inflammatory? Obviously. Patronizing? Clearly. And one has to wonder what sort of person talks about US troops this way. ALa has the surprising answer.

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