Monday, March 19, 2007

I Said It Last Week...

And now NR joins the fungo drill. It's not clear to me that Casey Stengel could fix what's wrong inside the Bush White House, and neither Tom Seaver nor Nolan Ryan are anywhere in view:

"That 'competence' would become a buzzword, not of Bush supporters but of his critics, is an unexpected turnabout from when the president entered office six years ago. Then, it was common to note the experience and gravitas of the Bush team. Now, the incompetence charge has gained such traction that even many Republicans buy it."

Rich Lowry also tees off in his syndicated column:

"Gonzales’s defense of his misleading statements that the Justice Department didn’t coordinate on the firings with the White House is that he didn’t know his chief of staff had done exactly that for more than a year. Ordinarily, it would be laughable for an attorney general to claim he was out of the loop on such a sensitive question, but with Gonzales, it has a certain disturbing plausibility."

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